DIN cables for Audio Alchemy PS2

I need to construct cables to connect a PS2 to a DTI and a DITB. I understand that the DTI uses around 8 volts and the DITB uses around 18. The PS2's 6 pin DIN outputs contain analog and digital voltage as well as multiple voltages for each pin and in combination. I tried my meter but confused myself with all of the readings coming from each output. I found combinations that read 8 and 18 volts but I was told not to go by this alone as I could have the wrong combination. I am getting desperate please help before my wife throws me and my parts in the street.
I just opened my PS3 yesterday that supplies my VAC in the box. I had wanted to build a better power cable but ran into the same thing as you. I do have a extra power cable that came with the unit that is labelled DTI-Pro that is DIN to DIN. If that is the one you need I could part with it. Eric
Thanks, but I need the din to small dc plug for both units.
Out of curiosity how many pins are on each end of your extra