Need guidence on Tube amp repair.....

I came across a Sonic Frontiers Power 2 was free..and it may have been free for good reason cuz it isn't working right now.

I do not have much experience with there a type of power indicator that I can test the tube sockets to see of they are getting juice? Then how would I test the transformers? Right now, I don't get green LED when it is "on", no tube glow...I would really like to refurbish this unit and use it....just need some direction.

I also got a Power Supply for the 2 & 3 preamp, if anyone is interested...

Forgive the dumb question. Have you checked the fuse?
If you have little knowledge with tube equipment or repair I would just send the unit to a qualified tech from a safety point of view. Tube amps contain lethal voltages. A simple diagnosis of the problem(s) will be worth the small expense.

Good luck
I'll agree with Brf for different reasons. After you check the fuse, you don't want to blow a couple hundred dollars worth of tubes. A good tech won't do that.