Need Ambient Speakers to Hang in Corners. Really

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I've finally got my listening room almost set up, and that means that the living room is becoming an actual living room, rather that a "stand-in" alternative listening room. I need all of the real estate for living, and music listening will be more "ambient" there. So, I want to get a decent integrated amp and a pair of speakers I can hang from the ceiling. I'm looking for some suggestions.

The room is 14' wide and 18' long, and the ceiling slopes down from 14' to 8'. The speakers would go on the 14' side, but could be hung at any level and at any angle. I have a good subwoofer to go with them (ACI Titan). As for integrateds, I was thinking of maybe a Panache or a Unico Unison SE, but would be open to others. I'm attracted to the SE because it has a remote and it supposedly drives Quad 988's nicely (IF you believe Sam Tellig?!!!!!). I have Quads in my main room, so the SE could be a backup. Anyhow, I'm not looking for hifi nirvana here, that is in the main listening room. I AM looking for nice for ambient listening - e.g. for talking with friends, cooking in the adjacent kitchen (open connection), etc. All musical tastes apply.

So, what speakers would you recommend for this "hanging" application. Anyone heard the Norh or the Gallo Duos? Thanks!
NHT SB3. Omni-Mount makes the 20.0 bracket that the SB3 is pre-taped for. THis bracket uses a ball-and-socket type joint so that the speaker can be pivoted any which way. Speaker responds down to 39Hz which will let it blend well with your sub.

Von Schweikert VR-1. Does not respond as low. Not pre-taped for mount. But a killer speaker for the money.
Totem Mites would be nice as far as size goes, may have a harder time mounting them as you would have to go into the cabinet though?

I am currently using Aperion Audio's newest and smallest 422 monitor in a LR set-up. They are IN my Salamander triple20 and they fit the bill for ambient music while dining/entertaining/etc. Amazing quality for the price.
Hey Peter- I do have a pair of the Omni-Mount brackets, the centenial nerd mentions, that you can check out if you haven't seen them. They're the ones I'm using in the kitchen. Meant for a 20-lb max and do require drilling into the back of whatever you choose for speakers if they are not pre-tapped as he mentioned. Good mounts - solid.

Great to hear your gear this weekend! Very nice job on the room! I'm looking forward to another session soon! I'll bring some music next time and we'll photograph the room for your system page!

If you can get a chance to listen to an Audio Aero Prima Hybrid amp, I highly recommend it. You can occasionally find the MKI (6922 tube) version here for around $650, and the MKII (remote & hard-soldered 6021W tube) goes for maybe $1350. Far more musical than the Unico, IMO. I know, it's only for ambient music, but I thought I'd throw it in the mix. You can also find them via
And no, I don't believe Sam Tellig, not after he called the Pathos Classic One one of the best amps anywhere, at any price. We heard it side by side with the Prima, and again, the Prima was far more musical, with much better separation and definition of instruments, and tighter bass.
Hope I haven't thrown a wrench in the works.
Best of luck to you,
I'm pretty sure it was Art Dudley who spent his wad over the Pathos Classic One....perhaps that's what made his sample sound so great? He does tend to gush a bit much, but I must confess, I do enjoy his writing very much.

Stereophile Recommended Class A Component October 2004 - Sam Tellig said "the Pathos Acoustics Classic One is one of the finest-sounding amp I have ever heard, of any era, from anywhere - including amps costing $20,000 and more.... I know of nothing on the market that surpasses the Classic One where it counts; in harmonic accuracy, resolution, and illumination..."

And I heartily disagree with Sam.
Ah, well then Sam and Art have started a circle jerk as I'm pretty sure it was Art who initially reviewed it for Stereophile. He even said something quite similar. So with an opinion like that, I wonder if the Pathos is now in Sam's reference system? If I felt that way about a component, and it were that affordable, it sure would be in mine!

Thanks guys. I have decided to keep my Odysee Stratos dual mono for the amp, and just get a preamp with a remote control (any suggestions?). I'm not sure about which speakers yet, but maybe a small set of Totems... Trying to keep the price down (building the listening room wasn't cheap!). Open to other ideas.
use open baffles angled down to you; keep the baffles well away from other surfaces (sounds like that will be easy) a single ciare ch250
in a panel (26X 42?) will provide a very spacious, open, and transparent sound. see search ch250 norbert. this may become your preferred listening room. cost : about $200 with 3/4 appleply panels and drivers from assistance audio.

i use four moth cicada drivers on an open baffle for a 3 ohm 100 db /watt driver. it sounds very good but is not for headbanging. i am going to the single ciare driver per panel approach very soon to get rid of the comb filter and timing error involved with four drivers. once you go open baffle, you will not go back to boxes.
If I may make an off the wall, or in this case "off the floor," suggestion, you might want to look into these odd vintage speakers, the Design Acoustics D-12. They're dodecahedral, about two feet in diameter. While they originally came with stands, they were also designed to be hung by a chain from the ceiling and thus perfect for your application and ceiling height.

Many would call them ugly, but you could always refinish them and throw on some grill cloth that better suits your living room. To be honest, I find them to be very interesting in appearance and sure to garner comments and discussion.

Better yet, these can be found for a lot less than most of the above suggestions and would fill the roll of ambiance far better, being omnidirectional.

You can find more information here:

as well as here:

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