Need advise for my current system.......

I'm planning to upgrade my system, but which one I have to let go or I have to keep .........
cause, I don't have many chances to listen another gears.
I'm more toward to digital harsh and high than analog smooth.
Thanks for the advise guys!!

Meridian 518(preamp),
meridian 500(transport),
Theta Pro Basic IIIa(D/A)
Acurus amp
B&W Speaker series 500(I really don't have any idea what series is this, got them from Grandmom)
I'm with Artemus, Stehno, and Glen on this one;>) (seriously). Cheers. Craig
Thanks for the great advise !
I'm thinking about getting Krell Power Amp or Mcintosh(MC 7270) around $1500 budget.
As usual, I have no idea about Power-Amp either.
Once I had a chance to listen the Krell Amp.......Hmm.
Mcintosh ?..... maybe I'm crazy about the blue meters.. ^^
so, I need you guys help again.
Again.. thanks for the advise Guys!
Dadlia, check out the Odyssey Stratos amps at There you will all the reviews on this amp. It sells for $995 or fully loaded for $1095 and it should blow away any other near it's price range. The Absolute Sound gave it Golden Ear Award last year. International Audio Review rated it the second best solid state amp in 1999.

They also come with a 20 warranty. And you can order a pair in monoblock versions for around $2100.

I've never heard but I have two friends who bought them and love them.
The McIntosh will be the better fit if you are looking at softer tones. The Krell will be more agressive as will the Odyssey. Read the review in the Absolute Sound regarding the Odyssey. Yes, they said it was good, however it tends to be tipped a bit at the upper end.
If you were not impressed with the Krell, look at the McIntosh. Let your ears decide, not our writings or our recommendations of amps we have never listened to. I have heard Krell, McIntosh, Acurus etc. and can verify the Acurus is tending to go towards the brittle. Their whole line does that, including the Aragon line. With your B and W speaker, you would most likely want a big fat sound. McIntosh gives you it. But try it, it still might not be what you like. Might go too far in the direction. Keep looking and LISTENING. That is your best guide. Each ear is different and no matter what I like, it might not be what you like. However, I would only recommend an amp I have listened to.
If you like your Meridian gear, I encourage you to consider Classe amplifiers. Year-in and year-out, Classe makes a very listenable, very natural sounding, and very reliable line of solid state amplifiers. I would expect it to give a nice balance to the rest of your system. System synergies are what its all about in putting together an audio system.
One component that you might want to consider (if you haven't already) is the digital cable between your transport and DAC before changing your amp. With both coax and AES/EBU (I use the latter) I've found this cable to be an important component in my system. I use Cardas for its performance/value but I'm sure there are other choices as well.
The last thing you want is an amp that muffles and softens the musical presentation. It will add a grain and hash to the highs, strip away the initial attack, the ensuing natural decay, and the dynamics giving you a dull and lifeless presentation. Your B&W's should help compensate for a good, articulate, and transparent solid state system.

The amplifier is the cornerstone to any system, good or bad. As your amp goes, so goes your system. I would suggest not compromising on this component. That's why you should give the Odyssey Stratos your consideration.
I tend to agree with Mitcho and Rushton however I would throw another amp in the mix which will give a warm analog sound, that being Conrad Johnson. They do make solid state equipment which is very musical.
No offence but going with a Krell, McIntosh, Classe, Conrad Johnson (I have owned all of the above) is hardly scrimping. You might also add a Meitner/ Museatex mono block, McCormack, Sim Audio(moon) to the mix.

The end result will be the synergy with his whole system. Possibly one of the amps that we have mentioned will provide that synergy.

You might also wish to look at adding some tube to your system by either going with a tube preamp or a tube DAC. There are a lot of exceptional tube preamps and DAC's out there. Will add some sparkle/ analog sound to the system.
DAC's- NEW had some tubed DACs/CD, as well as CAl Labs.

preamps- Conrad Johnson
Audio research

any of these units will do an exceptional job with your system. Good listening- once again. Your ears will tell you what is good for you. Make sure it is a good listen and not a short audition. You want to make sure long term listening pleasure is attained and not a quick impressive sound. Brighter items usually give you that quick sounds great and then.........