Red Book/SACD Advise Wanted

Would appreciate some input as to which direction to take with CD/SACD Player. It would be used in dedicated music room. Analog front end currently driven by Dynavector XX2 MKII. Preamp is Aesthetix Calypso. Speakers are Maggie MG3.6r. Trying to decide between Esoteric UX-03PI, K-05, K-07, or Line Magnetic LM515CD. I listen 95% to jazz...all idioms. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Price limit <$3K(Used). Any other suggestions would also be welcomed, but pretty much sold on the models listed. Transparency is key..followed by imaging, dynamics, and quietness...and of course reliability as this will be my last CD/SACD purchase for the foreseeable future...moving to focus on home theater room.

Communiquel, firstly congrats on your very nice system! Your price limit somewhat restricts options, never the less I can recommend the Modwright Sony XA-5400ES which you should be able to pickup in good 2nd hand shape within your budget. Dan Wright offers the best customer service and product support in the industry, along with people like Gary Koh at Genesis. That player slightly edges out the MW Oppo 105 in sound & is a giant killer. You would also have the flexibility to roll the factory tubes with some nice matched NOS tubes later on. A good tubed sacd player like the MW Sony will certainly give you the transparency and imaging you're looking for. In Dan's words - "This circuit represents significant breakthroughs in transparency and EXTREMELY low noise".
Appreciate your suggestion. I'll look into it.
Modwright's a great idea. Why not an Oppo 95. It's only modded for 2 channel anyway.
I also would recommend either of the Modwright models you won't do better for anywhere near the price.

First, before you spend a ton of money, try a sony 595. I know, it goes for about $99 in the used market. Let your ears be the judge. A few years back I purchased two of these from Sony as refurb's. I was looking for a back up to my Sony 777ES. These inexpensive units, while not equaling the 777, have great sound. A Sony engineer told me the 595 have all the chips that went into the 777. Don't know if that is true. There are reviews of this unit on line. Buy one. Let your ears be the judge.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Got a great deal on a Line Magnetic LM 515CD new with warranty.

I enjoy the Esoteric spinners for SACD playback only.
There are much better RBCD spinners, IMO.

Communique1- keep me posted on the Line Magnetic & Happy Listening!