Stress relief for a power amp ? look advise, tks

Hi, If you have a power amp actually under stress and even potentially clipping due to a hard to manage speaker (electrostatic), would it be of any help to switch from a passive preamp (no gain) to an active preamp ? (that I have at hand)

My logic says no based on the fact that whatever is the active volume control position the power amp always works at full power, correct? Unique difference will be between a low volume clipping or a high volume clipping.

I could also play with gain reducing the CD output from actual 5 Volts (it is driving a passive and therefore no saturation) down to 2Volts to drive the active preamp but I do not think this will have any influence on a power amp stressed situation either.

Thanks for your advises
I say no difference. If the output side of the amp is being pushed into clipping, the amount of input voltage used to push the amp to that point is irrelevant.
mo power. big tube power.
Your logic has led you to the right conclusion. The amp is on full power all the time and is only responding to the strength of the signal you are feeding it. Reducing gain of the source or turning the volume control effect the same end result - less signal to the amp and a lower db level. Sounds like you need a more powerful amp.
What amp, and what speakers are you using?