Need advice on speaker/x-over update

I bought an older pair of Ref 3A Royal Master monitors (actually the 2 piece speaker La Suprema w the lower passive sub cabinet), which I brought to a well-respected speaker repair/re-building shop for updating. I had the brass binding posts replaced w Cardas un-plated copper) and the caps and resistors replaced in the filters (not exactly a crossover, its been described as "The crossover contains special a Musicap capacitor which assures a smooth decline of the characteristics from 3 kHz upwards (-3dB, then 6 dB per octave) and proper impedance corrections. The 21 cm carbon fiber woofer with a special phase corrector is directly connected to the speaker terminals. Anyways same value but much higher quality cap, same value and much higher quality resistor.

After re-assembly, the in-room frequency response of the fabric dome tweeter was down 15 dB (that's right, 15 dB!!!) relative to the woofer. Assuming it's a problem w the tweeter in the updated unit, we tested the "stock" monitor and find the same thing!!! This is a monitor that has been very widely praised as one of the best ever and retailed for $5K in mid-late 90's. Does anyone have any ideas about what could be going in there' and other than "padding down" the response of the woofer w the appropriate resistor(s), does anyone have any suggestions on next steps. Remember, exact same value parts used in "update". I am going to contact Ref 3A tomorrow, but this speaker was built when the company was still in Europe and discontinued before the current owners acquired the line. Any thoughts, boys and girls?
Measure the original parts and the new ones to be sure they are really the same values; parts can be mislabeled. Double-check the circuit to make sure you have the right parts in the right places; humans are not infallible.

Be aware that sometimes these things just happen, with no logical explanation, and we can only conclude that the audio gods are displeased. If that is the case, take your checkbook and visit the nearest temple [high-end dealership]. They will be more than happy to arrange for you to make an appropriate sacrifice.


Good ideas, Duke. Unfortunately, my checkbook made a pretty big sacrifice already..., so I'll stick w idea #1. If the values all check out, what do you think of the idea of adjusting the resistor values to "pad" the output of the woofer down to match the tweeter? Or adjusting the tweeter value to bring it "up" to the woofer, which as far as I recall, pretty much matches the passive subwoofer.
I would speak to Bill Legall of Millersound as he is one of the best in the speaker rebulding and crossover redesign
Phone is 215-412-7700 if interested;no relationship just a very satisfied customer.
Don't pad the woofer - too many negative side-effects attached to that much series resistance when it wasn't included in the original design work. Once the problem is found all will make sense and the solution will be obvious.