Need advice on power cords for my Ayre system

Here is the system:

Vincent KVH-1 headphone amplifier
Audio Refinement tuner
Ayre CX-7e CD player
Ayre K-5xe preamp
Ayre V-5xe power amp
JM Lab Utopia Diva BE speakers
Interconnects are Nordost Frey XLR
Speaker cables are also Nordost Frey
Power conditionner is a Shunyata Hydra-8 with the Python alpha cord

The only missing things are the power cords, I am using the stock power cords at this moment. Since my equipment is already plugged into a Hydra, do I need to invest a lot $$$ in after market power cords to get the maximum out of my system ? Which power cords would you recommend for each components ?

Thanks a lot
I am a Cardas (forget the level) on my C5xe. I think Ayre uses a lot of Cardas wire and connectors in the build of thier units.
Theo is correct. Ayre recommends the Cardas power cables on their equipment. Because of the level of internal power filtering, don't expect any huge changes to your sound. Ayre equipment is is not really effected by power filtering or cables as a lot of the equipment out there is.
I own a CX-7 and a K-3x preamp. Ayre gear, the CX-7 in particular, definitely is effected by power cords. I've used the VH Audio AirSine, TG Audio SLVR, Audience PowerChord, Custom Power Cords 11 and the AudioParts Audio One Reference in this system. I've also tried Cardas, Virtual Dynamics and Elrod cords (but not their Signature or Statement). The AirSine is the best of this group but also the most expensive. I would try a VH Audio Flavor 4 on your V-5xe and an AirSine on the CX-7. I think the K-5xe will be the least effected of your Ayre components but you'll have to experiment. The VH Audio Flavor 2 would probably be a good choice for your tuner and headphone amp but the Flavor 4 or the Audio One Reference would work there too. Contact Chris VenHaus (VH Audio) he'll give you good advice and has a return policy if you're not happy. Stu at AudioParts offers a return period too.
An in-between choice, cheaper than an a VH Audio AirSine but more expensive than the Flavor or Audio One cords would be the TG Audio SLVR or 688 (avoid the earlier HSA).
Art Dudley of Stereophile in the latest issue says very nice thing of Cardas Golden Reference when used with the Ayre integrated amp as well as his other equipment.
My view would be you should definitely invest in good power cables for your equipment. You already use top notch interconnects & speaker cables with highly rated equipment and I am sure the benefits of good power cords will come through clearly. In my experience, even equipment which has extensive filtering in their power supplies benefits from improvements from power conditioning & cables.
I would also concurr with comments on VH Audio Flavour 4 power cables. An excellent power cable for very little money (especially if you DIY) which compares very favourably with cables up to the $900 - $1000 mark.
Trust this helps.
I had the change to try many many cables in my life. For poweramps The new Purist Audio Aqueous is by far the best I have ever heard on my poweramp. It is superior better than; Siltech Ruby moutain hill, Valhalla, Fim, Cardas Golden ref, MIT AC-1 Oracle. It can go an octave lower than other powercables can. The mid freq. are the most open I've ever heard. The hoghs are open but sweat. When we take a look at sources, powerplants, pre-amps the Nordost Valhalla has by far the highest resolution I have ever heard at a powercable. Just try them out and make your own statment. Because you are the one who only can make the right decision for yourself.
I used the Cardas Golden ref in my system as well. But the mid freg are very poor. Because it cuts a freq. part in the mids. A Purist is superior in every part where you have to judge a cable. It can go a lot deeper in the low, the mids are much more open en the high's are also more open en sweet as well. A Valhalla is superior better in speed and resolution than a Cardas is. You are comparing a Ferrari with a Ford.
A good inexpensive PC is better than stock. There are many good ones. Do a search here for more info.
You are plugging it into a wall socket, preferably a dedicated wall socket? What kind of wires are you running to your wall socket?