Need 3 meter for Benchmark DAC to VTL Amps

Looking for recommendations... what to look out for etc. as I never need such as long run before. I need a 3 meter pair of RCA interconnects between my Benchmark DAC1 USB and my VTL 300 Deluxe amps.

The Benchmark denotes the following in their specs:

"The RCA output impedance is very low (30 Ohms). This makes these outputs well suited for driving high-capacitance loads and/or high-capacitance cables. The RCA outputs are capable of driving cables as long as 1360 feet"

If I interpret the above specs properly, I don't have to worry about the 3 meter length.

My taste: I always liked my old Cardas Quadlink 5 series cables. I don't like my MIT Shotgun S3 interconnects (3 meter). I am willing to trade these almost never used MITs if someone is interested.

Bruce in Philly
Obviously, lots of good choices. You might consider the Signal Cable Resolution. I believe they are silver plated copper. In any case, they sound very good, are reasonable in cost, returnable and well constructed. The VTLs also like certain Mogami AND they really like better PCs if you've not done that yet.
I own the Benchmark DAC1 tied to a Triode 300B amp. I use the pure conductor Cabledyne Reference. I own both the copper and silver models (both are good). If you prefer more rounded mids, the copper model is the choice. Silver model is better for a little sparkle in the highs but not bright. YMMV.