Naim CD player question Which one

So I've been looking for a Naim used CD player, and I've come down to two... A CDX from 4 or so years ago and a Display model CD5 from a local store. Both are right around $1600 but I'm a little weary of an internet buy when there is still a 1 year warranty at the local dealer. I definitely want to keep the price in that range, which is around the new CD5i. Any thoughts?


Current system Rotel 1056 receiver to Quad 22L speakers... I may end up getting a Naim amplifier too, or possibly a Quad 909 to brand match the fronts.
A CDX will out perform a CD5 by a considerable margin.
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Asked with respect to you Monstachuck, what is it in the sonics of the Naim CDP's that you want to purchase that tickles your ear's in your system? I found Naim's CDP's to offer very one-dimensional soundstaging, not very natural timbres,and finally a somewhat harsh sound signature. I audtioned even their top of the line model for 13 grand and found even that player very unpleasant. In your price bracket either new or used there are many other much more musical CDP's. So, please I'm not trying to be negative but just curious because my experience with Naim has been so different then yours.
cdx hands down
I pretty much agree with the idea they are selling. Also my current setup sounds pretty good with classical / jazz music, especially my speakers. What I really want is some "toe-tapping" grunt rock & roll, and I think Naim fits the bill more than most. I just hope their 50 watt Nait or Power amp can fill my large room.

Do you have other brand recommendations?
Look into SimAudio Moon Equinox or Moon Eclipse. I thought these players sounded better than the Naim 5x when I did purchase comparisons. I've heard a CDX before and thought that sounded better than the 5x as well. Today's Naim CDPs are somewhat sterile in my opinion. I thought the Sims presented more detail openness and overall the music had more of a live feel to it. They definitely rock better than the Naim CDPs if that is what you are looking for.