nagaoka cart upgrade

In response to my past query about affordable cartridge upgrades for my old and well worn Rega Bias, a wise soul on this site advised me to consider Nagaoka. I opted for the 150 model (the green one), around $320.

It was an excellent recommendation, one of the most appreciable upgrades I've made - especially considering the cost. Really happy about it. Soooo much more information coming out of the vinyl, more space between instruments, air, detail. The proverbial veil lifted.

Unfortunately I lost the thread of that conversation, else I'd say thanks for the tip. But I can pass along the recommendation to others looking in that range. The Nag is so good!

system used: ARC D-90,  ARC SP-6c,  Proac Resonse 2.5, Rega P2 with RB 250

Anyway, highest recommendation