Nagaoka Mp200 on p25

Hello all, 
another cartridge question. How does the nagaoka Mp200 mate with the rega tables, specifically a p25/RB600
combo? how about the Hana e or s series?
While the MP200 is a good cartridge, the Hana is better. The low output one if your amp can work with it.
I use one with my RB300 arm and it sounds solid, musical and flat frequency response.  Great tracker as well. 
Actually you could look at the cartridge dynamic compliance (nagaoka and hana are on the low side) and then check for rega effective moving mass. Then look here.

Japanese cartridge manufacturers never use 10Hz to measure dynamic compliance, they use 100Hz. All you need is to multiply on 1.7 to convert it to 10Hz (then read Ortofon page again).