NAD T 175 Pre-Amp VS $2K range AV Receiver?

I am planning on upgrading my 2 channel system and have a pair of NAD 2200 power amps that I am considering pairing with a NAD T 175 pre-amp for my HT system. I have come across some decent deals on the T 175, and wonder if I should consider pairing with my 2200 amps instead of buying an AV receiver in the $2K range. Also, should I run fronts off one amp, rears off another, and find a third for center channel? If not, any suggestions on how I best configure the system. There are a lot of gadgets and gizmos in the AV Receivers I have looked at that I don't consider all that important and am looking for sound quality above all. I will be driving B&W cm-4's Front, cm-2's Rear, and cmc Center.
there are inevitable compromises on the amp sections of mass market avrs, and separates will typically sound better. you've got two nad amps; i'd get a third and, as you suggest, use 'em with a seprate pre/pro to power your f/r/c. personally, i've had problems with nad's reliability (altho they're stuff sounds good when it works), so i'd look at integra, rotel or anthem--if, as you state, you don't care about the latest gizmos, you'll easily find a used one for much less than a grand.
Thanks for the suggestions. The 2200's I have are over 20 years old and never miss a beat, they're known as one of the better build quality products that NAD has put out.