NAD M5 died with op.59 No.3

I was listening to it last night when all of the sudden started a weird crackling noise followed by no sound from right channel and a hum noise on the left. I enjoyed this machine and bought many SACD because of it. PLEASE HELP!
??? Are you up to opening the chassis, checking for blown fuses and sniffing for burned/melted/damaged components? If not, contact NAD.
I did open the chassis but everything seems normal. I don't see any fuses by the way...
At least it died with a great of music on it's platter. Did the fugue in the last movement do the honors?
I was trying to focus in on the possible location of the problem. Can you try the S/PDIF?
I will check the digital out tomorrow with a dac. Thats a good idea! Really strange by the way.
How old is your M5? In general, NAD's quality control has not been stellar over the past say 10 years or so in particular their disc players. They've had their share of product problems. I know I've been a victim myself. I love the NAD sound and in fact am playing my T535 right now but it messes up from time to time. Not the case with Rotel equipment BTW.
I just had a great technician take a look at the unit and apparently had an electrical short of some sort on the analog side. He said that the unit look like it had some work done. MAYBE a famous refurbished unit with bad quality control on the soldering part? who knows. This will be my last NAD and possibly optical disc machine. I will keep you posted regarding the outcome of the NAD M5 repair.