NAD 370 capacitor source

My NAD 370 integrated amp blew one of the capacitors
a 10,000 uf 80V capacitor. Anyone know where I can
obtain either the same cap or a very good replacement?
The existing one does not have any info on it other than
a plastic cover from NAD with the type of capacitor.
REPLACE ALL 4 AT THE SAME TIME. Also, I haven't seen too many power amps that had a B+ capacitor blow that didn't cause other damage, so bring her up slowly on a varaic measuring DC offset.
Also the glue the factory puts on the bottom of the cap to help out the solder joints is a huge pain to break free, even bending the hell out of the PCB, so use great patience.

The C372 Service Manual (I don't have one for the c370) lists the newer caps as NAD Part#06-10312-00
10000uF, CD294 100V ±20% Alu Electrolytic Capacitor. Your local NAD Service Center should sell you the parts, (but is not required to do so).

I know for a fact I replaced these in a C37x that had a blown cap, and since they are rated at 100V rather than 80, should last a lot longer.