NAD C658

Anyone have any experience with this unit, or Dirac room correction? 
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I've owned one for a few months. Milestone product. Do you have a specific question, or just taking a poll? 
I was just asking about people's impressions. Did Dirac work well, is the sound good, you say milestone product I take it you're pretty happy with yours? 
What is a “milestone product”?  I too have been looking at the NAD C658, but have seen a lot of posts with issues regarding the sub out.  
I owned it for about a month but sent it back. Dirac was late and still undelivered at that point so I can’t comment on that. I just wasn’t happy with the overall sound - a bit too clinical for me but that's personal preference and MANY people love theirs. For the price it wasn’t terrible but wasn’t what I was looking for. From a functionality standpoint it was great though and I still sometimes think about going back just for that reason. Especially since I never got to experience how it would sound with Dirac.

One thing I would note is it takes a while to burn in and had a large improvement once it did. The soundstage especially changed, starting out as normal, nothing special, but after burn-in it was pretty remarkable.

Check out the long forum post about it over on AVSForums
I'm not using the Dirac, haven't tried it. Should I? 

Milestone product: killer streamer, pre, dac. MQA, Blusound, built like a NAD. Great price. Aptx bt but I don't use that. 
Dirac is one of the reasons I am looking at it. I like the bluOS easy to use and having everything but the amp in one box looks good to me as well down size a bit.
I'm been loving the Dirac 1.# + VST plugin since 2014 and this week I finally got the same working in Dirac 2.4.1 -- I'm exporting the filters to a VST plugin (hosted in JRiver26) running on the same computer.  Would be cool to try exporting a filter to an Arcam or NAD streamer.