Myth or Magic?

Does anybody have experience using a MAG-LEV Audio's ML1 Turntable?  If so, what do you think?  Thanks!   
i heard it at AXPONA on headphones. Looked great and sounded a lot better than I expected.
I've heard it.

Meh. It's more of a conversation piece. It sounds like fine for what it is. For the price, a nicer table with a better  cart can be found.

It's a entry level table with a floating platter...yawn. Entertaining for a few minutes, then it wears off. Like watching a lava lamp.

For the guy who has to have a cool way to play his "vinyl" he bought at Record store day.
I’ve heard it at AXPONA, sounded great and appears to be a well thought out design. It was pretty cool to look at the floating platter and thankfully not whole lot of bling. I say this TT could be a game changer if backed by solid distribution and dealer network.

And speaking of floating designs, I came across floating component shelf other day.

lalitk - thanks for the link!  I'm in the market for a couple of amp stands and this seem perfect!  Thanks to all responders!
I’ll just add that the guys behind it whom I spoke to at AXPONA were hilarious, straight-talking guys. They acknowledged the product's shortcomings and benefits and position in the marketplace. The product was heavy and very well built.