My transport doesn't like my DAC. Help!

I'm using my old Nakamichi CD Player 2 as a transport in conjunction with a Bel Canto DAC-1. I'm getting popping noises (along with the music) that seem to be generated from imperfections on the disc. A new disc plays fine, most of my collection has a few isolated pops, and my less pristine CD's are unlistenable. I never had this problem when using the Nak by itself. I've also used this player as a transport with other DAC's and didn't have this problem. The Nak just doesn't seem to like the Bel Canto. I've tried my usual disc cleaning tricks with no success. Should I try cleaning the laser in the CD-2, or am I going to have to buy a better transport? (Now I'm wondering if THIS is why Bel Canto recommends using DVD player with a Toslink connection). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Bebo, my Pioneer DV 525 ($250) with the cheap toslink (Acoustic Research from Audio Advisor) plays beautifully with my DAC1. I do hate the cheap feel of the tray on the Pioneer, but you will have 24/96 capability and supposed jitter reduction without much investment. Good Luck, man. Charlie
Thanks. That is exactly what I'm looking at doing since my CD player now seems to have died. My uneducated guess is that the laser is gone - now it won't read any disc.
Bebo-- appear to be having OPU problems. It probably is not worth replacing, however, that is up to you. If y ou are having trouble now...hearing popping...skipping will get much worse VERY quickly
I had a major problem with speaker damaging pops when I skipped songs with Muse dvd and Bel Canto.Bel Canto Acknowledged the problem and gave my money back. Very good sound nonetheless. Got the Muse 296 which is in another class.
Purchase a Monarchy DIP ( and I bet that will solve your problem. regards, Mike