My Thorens TD 320 upgrades

My journey with my Thorens TD 320 started about two years ago. I saw it listed on Ebay and decided to take a chance on an old classic. I drove to Brooklyn to pick it up. I was pleasantly surprised by the mint condition. It came completely stock with a Shure m97xe. A fine cart and well suited to the tp16 mkiv tone arm.

I read about some basic upgrades ... which made a huge difference and increase in sound quality.

Proper set up of suspension and cartridge is a must!!

1. upgrade RCA cables. This took some doing. Took it apart and soldered in the new cables.
2. the bottom pan needed sound deadening. Sprayed with spray Dynamat.
3. jico SAS stylus for the M97XE ... wow huge difference ... major major upgrade.
4. polished the platter ... looks great
5. achromat - huge improvement and no static anymore
6. spray dynomat on inside of main platter.
7. Sorbothane feet.

all of these upgrades really made the TT just sound amazing. A guy down the street has a lynn and another friend a VPI scout. Both really were blown away by the table.

I have a Mcintosh C30 Pre and MC2125 Amp by the way. C30 has excellent MM phono section.

then came round 2

1. thoren tpn2000 power supply. wow this is a huge upgrade. I was not expecting it.
2. shure v15 mkiv with nos vn45mr stylus wow! although very similar to the m97xe with jico sas which I highly recommend.
3. Van den hul head shell leads. Def a good upgrade.
4. finally an isolation table I bought on ebay.

I have been an audiophile for 25 years. I always wanted a nice thorens. Well I am very happy with my purchase, and the upgrades. Turned into an amazing sounding table.


Nice write-up. I had a TD318 back in the day. While a step up from my 70s Technics, I can't say I liked it that much. A bit too dark and muddy for my taste. 

I think the 318 is slightly different, but that being said, it would probably have benefited from the same upgrades. I have heard some old thorens in the past sound sort of muddy, but this one doesnt sound like that at all. I would say quite the opposite in fact. Dynamic, wide sound stage, really brings the lp to life. Could be the system as well. Non the less, I am happy with the way it turned out, and hope to enjoy it for many years.
I would also like to add,  one of the reasons for my post.  The TD 320 I think is underrated and underappreciated. They are fairly inexpensive compaired to some modern tables.  And with a few tweeks can give a modern table, in a much higher price range a run for its money. It also retains the old school look, without sacrificing sound quality.
Interesting that you took the damped route especially the feet. I've always been of the tight and pointy school rather than soft and squishy when it comes to turntables. Nevertheless, sounds like you've made a great sonic return on your investment.

I think the combination of the sorbothane and the hard vinyl platter mat may be the magic.  Also I read an article a while back about how the point feet actually amplify vinbration waves and makes things worse.  It just stuck with me over the years.  I know most dont agree.