Opinions on Thorens TD 2001, should I sell or keep

I like to hear from the owners of the Thorens TD2001 TT on what you think of the sound. I'm thinking about including it in my SF Line 1, Acoustic Signature - Tango Phono Pre, Monarchy SE100 Delux and Sonus Faber Concerto speakers. The cartridge is the Goldring - Eroica Cartridge.
I had one, sold it, and now wish I hadn't. I had taken off the Thorens arm and used it with an Alphason for two years, sold the Alphason, then when the TD 90 arm went back on, I couldn't get the cuing mechanism to work. In retrospect, the td 90 did not give away much in performance to the HRS100.

Certainly this table is far superior to the Linn LP12 that I acquired later - bass response in particular is far more natural (my son is a bass player). I have heard that the RDC platter improves the sound even more (I had only a brief audition). Definitely keep it, unless you plan to move to an unsuspended table (which is ultimately superio but less forgiving)

I have one of these TD 2001's....


Plus, It is nice to have such a great sounding turntable with an "Auto Stop" function.. as you can fall asleep listening to your favorite sides... and you won't be putting any un-necessary hours on your stylus...

A great turntable for the money... I paid roughly $650-700 for mine... I thought it was a GREAT purchase!!

Ditto nine years later. I recently replaced my LP12/Ittok with the TD2001. Love the sound of the Thorens! Not as lively as Linn but sounds more natural and organic. Deep physical bass that the LP12 only hints at, and I no longer hear the difference in timber between lead in and end groove. Along with TD3001 and Ambiance these are the only Thorens tables with the hardened RDC bearing which is competitive with the Linn bearing, if not better. I've had many Thorens including TD160S, TD147, TD145, TD125 MkII, TD115. TD2001 is definitely the best of the lot. TP90 tonearm is even better than the first gen TP16 tonearm.