My speakers sound like crap with Arcam Amp?

Hey folks! Man am I ever disappointed. I had an old Rotel receiver and cd player from the early nineties that provided a surprisingly good sound but scraped them when I got a good deal on an Arcam AVR 300 Receiver which is claimed to be equally as good for audio playback. I think my speakers,Energy C-3 match mutch better with the Rotel gear even though it was older and mutch cheaper. The sound from the Arcam is way to laid back and somewhat unbalanced through the Arcam. The music has no life to it,very boring. I'm also using Audioquest Type 4, and Audioquest Diamond back interconnects for cables so how can I not be getting better sound? The Arcam is not musical at all it seams like the Rotel gear and there is at least 200 hrs on the amp now so must not be an issue of burn in time.
The only thing I can think of is Arcam and Energy Connoiseur speakers are a very bad match. The Arcam sounds fine when watching movies but for 2 channel stereo I'm very unimpressed...
Does anyone know what the best type of speakers are for bringing Arcam gear to life. It is a very smooth and precise sound but not musical with little drive through the Energies...

Regards John
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it just shows to go you - system matching is everything - in my book at least this is one thing I have learned...
Did you know that interconnect cables are the bloodlines of your stereo? I think your AQ Diamondbacks don't match well with Arcam amp because the amp was too laid back, you need silver IC to bring it back to life or at least balance the sound better than copper. Try (in your case) not that much more than the cost of your Diamondback, Kimber Silver Streak, they're have that balance sound that might help you solve your problem, or if you can go a little higher, try Kimber KCAG, you can find use Silver streak for very reasonable price. I think that's a huge upgrade over your Diamondback.
I would have to agree with Nguyen that trying some different IC's or speaker cables might change things for you. I found my AVR-300 to be very sensitive to changes in speaker cables and their composition, silver will make a noticeable difference. I do not think you need to spend a ton of money on the cables however. I would try some inexpensive but good anti-cables first as I had good luck with those (or DIY, which is what I do now).

I would also sugggest that the Rotel has a very different sound than Arcam. I have used both in the last couple of years (along with Parasound, SimAudio and Ayre, I now use Ayre). I much preferred the quality of the Arcam to the Rotel, so maybe you just prefer the Rotel sound.

Bottom line is - if you don't like it try some different wires first, then sell it and try a different amp.