My Skylan stand review

I just posted a review on my audio blog of Skylan four-post speaker stands. You can find it right here.

Nice review. I see Noel is now including an interface between the stands and the speakers, which is a good idea. I recall speaking with him years ago about the fact that I felt the stands deadened the sound of my Harbeth SHL5s, but the sound noticeably improved with the addition of some Herbies Ebony footers. IMO, stands greatly affect the sound of monitors, to the point where they are almost a part of the cabinet. Not a place to cheap out.
That was a nice read. The inclusion of the many pics really does give me a feel for the stands and the installation process. Thanks for the link.
Yes, I agree - the stands are like part of the cabinet. I don't know if Noel is including the Q-Bricks standard, or if they're usually an extra-cost item. I haven't done a lot of a/b comparisons with and without the Q-Bricks, but I'd be curious to see if I can hear a difference. They're just thick enough that the speaker rests on the Q-Bricks and not the poly dots on the upper plate of the stand when they're installed.

Thanks for the nice feedback. It's very satisfying when people like a post. :-)