My DVD player really heats up discs? ?

I just picked up a used DVP-S9000es and I have run into a concern that I wanted to ask about. Discs get very warm after extended playing. This is true with SACD/CD’s as well as DVDs however; DVD’s get down right hot by the end of a movie. I have open front and rear ventilation but a half inch on each side. Has anyone else experienced this with their Sony 9000 DVD players? Is this normal?
I never had this issue with my 5 year old Panasonic player.


An excessive heat problem similar to the one that you mention has been reported hundreds of times for the first and second generation SONY DVD players (circa 2000; like the DVP 360 & 560). Do a google search on "Sony C13:00 and heat" and read some of the experiences and different theories/solutions. I had some of the same issues with my DVP 560 and then they just stopped. I never heard of anything with the DVP S9000ES, though.

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I have the same player and experience. For what it's worth, I shipped the player to Sony to address this issue and was told it was normal. I don't know if this is an honest assessment or a stonewall.
If it's a ventilation issue you can temporarily place the player outside its current location and see if the heating degree is less.
Half an inch is not that much in my opinion. What's above and below the player in the rack?
If you "Freeze" your player prior to use the discs will not warm up! Sorry I couldn't resist as there has been a big Freeze on everything thread reply as of lately ;0)~

So next to having Sub-Zero design your Home Theater room, your warmth issue is a Sony Dvd player normal occurance.

Now if it's melting your Dvd's then it's time to take repair action!

Good Luck

Try Movie Titles such as "Smila's Sense of Snow", or "Ice Age" see if they run cooler??? Oh I'm sorry there I go again......... Gotta get back to squeezing my 42" Plasma in a body bag, then in the Frigidaire ;0)~
Well it does not sound like a ventilation issue but I have it on the next level above my amp and 2 inches above the amp and 2 inchs above the s9000es. It could be better ventilation but it could be a lot worse.
I am tempted to see how it operates with the case removed. I could just blow out any dust accumulation every couple of weeks.
My Philips DVD963SA does the same thing and there is plenty of ventilation around it (4" on either side and more than 1" on top)...redbook cd's even get mighty warm...I was expecting to see that you owned the same player when I clicked on the thread...seeing that you have a player from an entirely different manufacturer leads me to believe that this is not completely out of the norm.
My cousin & I both run Toshiba SD-9200's, I spoke with him earlier his dvd's get warm too. Jer, I honestly do not think it is dust related, so taking it out monthly to disassemble seems like a wasted effort.
No cover will allow too much dust in unsuspected and difficult to reach places; I'd run a trial but doubt will be leaving permanently this way.
Might the closeness to the amp increase the temp at the players location? Maybe the player does work warmer than your previous Panasonic. What about leaving a movie playing completely with the amp off to see if this has a bearing to it?
What do you think?
I've a Sony 999ES, the dvd gets pretty warm after playing for 2/3 hrs, but no issues so far, it's probably normal.
I think I will try elevating the DVD player a little to give more airflow under the unit. Too much of a hassle taking off the case and blowing out the innards with compressed air all the time.

I do leave my computer case wide open and just take compressed air to the CPU, power supply and heatsinks every other week but I have easier access to the inside and the circuitry is pretty basic.

BTW: The 9000es sounds awesome. Movies look great once you adjust the myriad of video controls. Has been finicky on a couple of SACD hybrids, but eventually plays them.
Ellery911 - There is one chip under the head on the 963SA that gets very hot. A heat-shield mounted to the carriage will probably fix this. I intend to add this to my mods for the 963SA.

Steve N.
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I have a Samsung HD 931 and have noticed the same problem. It is amazing just how hot the disc is. As long as the heat does not worp the disc, it should be ok. I have my Samsung elevated on feet so cooling is not the problem.