Must See Movie About Music

If you have any interest in post WW2 popular American music, then you must see "Tom Dowd & the Language of Music". Tom Dowd was the house engineer at Atlantic records and was there at the beginning of rock 'n roll. He also worked with numerous jazz giants (Coltrane, Ornette, MJQ, Mingus, etc.). The film contains great interviews about how the music was recorded and tons of film clips of actual performances.

BTW, his contribution to popular music happened after he graduated from Columbia U. with a degree in physics and his role in the early stages of the Manhattan Project and other nuclear weapons research.
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great stuff, especially if you like music
Sounds interesting Onhwy61, but the link you provided didn't work for me: It returned me to an Audiogon page for posting a new question under the Music catagory - probably the same page you used to compose this thread. Is this film a new or old release, on video or not?

(Zshuster - I chuckled at your "...if you like music" touch. One never knows for sure when it comes to audiophiles, but I'd give the benefit of the doubt to anyone checking out this particular thread ;^)
Sorry about the incorrect link, this should work better: Tom Dowd.

Did you see any "Folk Art" looking paintings in the Ray Charles segments? A friend sold a bunch of his work to a production company for use in a Ray Charles film, but I have not been able to find it (the movie/film).

If it becomes available on Netflix I will check it out.
If it's available to you, the Sundance (SUNDe) channel is showing the film tonight at 9pm et.
thanks, Zaikesman!...while not completely intentional, I wonder sometimes myself...there were lots of nuggets in the Tom Dowd story and I'm always interested in music production as well as the finished product...Tom was certainly involved with a wide range of interesting about right place/right time...I would have enjoyed sitting in on some of those sessions!