Musical Fidelity MC-4 owners:Time to upgrade??

I've been pretty happy with these stand mounted "large bookshelf" monitor-style speakers for about 13 years now. They were designed by Brit audio engineer/equipment reviewer Martin Colloms, who knows a thing or two about speakers. When I bought them I was planning to buy Spendor SP-1s which were fairly new at the time, but these MC-4s were much better in my A/B comparison (they were more dynamic, open, and free of box colorations). I really wonder how they're holding up against newer speakers, however, and wonder if anyone out there has them and can comment on this.I am prepared to upgrade to one of the current monitor-type speakers, the largest I can accomodate in my present set up, if I can get a feeling as to which way to go and what to listen to as possible replacement. My concern is that there may have been very few pairs of MC-4s made and maybe no one knows about them. Thank you.
Try contacting Martin Colloms himself and ask for an unbiased opinion. He can probably offer a better, more informed point of view than any of us here. Besides being able to see dozens upon dozens of speakers due to his line of work, he would also know your speakers better than anybody else in the entire world. He might even point you in a very specific direction that could make your life simple. It's worth a try : ) Sean
Sean, great idea. Yes, I think I could trust him as he has no residual interest in Musical Fidelity speakers that I know of. Would you know how I could contact him? Thanks, Lee.
I'm pretty sure that Martin is still working for Stereophile. As such, you can probably try dropping them a line and see if he responds to you. Hope this helps and good luck. Please let us know where it ends up at.... Sean
Hi, did you change them over? I bought a pair a month ago and I mike them a lot, I have bought a MF A100 amp so I can hear them as they were originally intended.