Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 or Linn Ikemi?

I'm trying to decide between a Linn Ikemi and a MF CD Pre24. I had settled on the Ikemi (I own a Karik). But I'm intrigued by the MF (which I can't demo), especially since I've considered replacing my Adcom GFP-750 preamp (which I like). Does anyone have experience with the MF and Ikemi, or at least insight into the MF? How close is the CD Pre24 to the Nu-Vista or A324 DAC? And how is the CD Pre24 preamp section? Also, any comments on the apparently modest resale values of MF gear? Thanks.
Get the Ikemi! I used to sell both of them so I have very good experience with them. The A324 (& NuVista soon to be replaced by the TriVista) are overrated POS IMHO. The Pre24 is transparent but very sterile sounding. If you prefer musicality go with the Ikemi, definately one of the best CD players in that price range.
I did get the Ikemi, and I'm quite happy with it. Next up, I'm having my Adcom GFP-750 modified.