Musical Fidelity A220 can drive Magnepan MG20?

Do you think that a musical FIdelity A220 rated 100W can drive well a pair of Magnepan MG20?

Thank you
I don't think 100 watts is enough to drive any Maggie "well." Let's face it, you can listen to anything with 100 watts, but your system will never sing. I wouldn't be happy with anything less than 200, but more is even better. 400 watts? Now you're talking...peace, warren
No, it cannot
Isn't an A220 a 50 wpc amp? I thought it was. (Maybe you meant 100 TOTAL watts?)
No. Maybe a pair of MMG's.
What's the diff? 'twould be like trying to catch your breath, breathing though a cocktail straw, playing any Maggies, pariculary these, with 100 watts....or less..fwiw