Music Server To Only Play FLAC Stored On Portable HDD

Is there a music server with all the bells and whistles excluded? A music server with the single feature to connect to portable HDDs and play all music formats such as FLAC etc. which are stored on the hard disc drives.

Will this music server sound better than a laptop? Any insight appreciated.
Ras Pi4 sounds better. Just load Volumio unless you REALLY care about artwork.
If you go piCore/Orange Squeeze you can easily customize it to local files only. I use folders and genre.

No one makes a stripped down player outside of PMP’s. You would have to transfer to micro SD cards.
That would look pretty dopey on a big rig but if it floats your boat....
Thanks for the response. I’ll look at the Raspberry Pi in due time. I have read about it earlier but didn’t give it a serious thought as I wasn’t sure about the implementation. I guess I’ll just give it a try sometime.
A music server that needs to make the music available to other streaming devices (renderers) on your network? Or a device that outputs digital or analog audio directly to a single audio system?
The latter, a device to output digital audio (FLAC, ALAC) to a dedicated DAC in a single audio system.