Music hall cd25 internal upgrades or DAC

What's everyone think?
Go with the Dac. You never get your money back or break even when selling an upgraded unit.
If you google Music Hall CD25 mods look for the partsexpress .pdf that gives you a step by step.

To shipo's point - It depends on whether you plan to keep it or sell it. The mods they do in the .pdf aren't that expensive, and on a $350 player at that. Not a whole lot to risk IMO.
It also depends on what you plan to have as sources.

The opamp upgrade to the CD25 is cheap, very easy to do and makes a dramatic difference. If CD's are going to be your source for digital music the upgrade gives you unbeatable bang for the buck.

If you think you'll be using other sources like a music server or streaming audio then a DAC might give you the same audio quality but spread over multiple inputs.
Where can I get those op 627 upgrades?