Music Hall cd25.2 player. Average? or Upgrade?

I saw a very good review of thew Music Hall cd25.2 CD player in Sterophile in April 2006. I need to upgrade my player but don't want to spend a $1000 How good is the the Music Hall across the board?? Can you buy a better player for the same money ($599) or for approximately $150-200?? more All opinions welcomed!!
Check into the underwoodhifi/parts connexion upgrade, you won't get a better sounding player for the same money.
I hope that someone with more experience than myself replies,I find myself in the same situation.I've got it down to the Ah!,Jolida 100a,and the MH.
Depends on your taste, I happen to like the superb clarity and detail which many sub $1,000 CDP lack. To me its an audiophiles CDP a giant killer. If you want a polite laidback sound look eleswhere, the English sound can be bought for that money.
I don't have any experience with the newer version but did own the CD25 for a couple of years and thought it was very, very good, better than anything else I tried in that price range. One of the advantages is the easy upgrade path from places like Underwood HiFi. I replaced just the opamps in mine and the improvement was remarkable.

You can get a Cayin 15 from New York sound for like $800 includes shipping. Nice player.
sunnyjim and sedandelivery,
Perhaps this review might help you decide.
Agree with the Underwood Mod advice.
I own the CD25 in both stock and upgraded form.
Upgrade will buy you more detail but both are absolutely well worth the money.
The upgraded player is in use in my main system and has more than kept pace with every other upgrade i've made to the system over the past three years.
I would suggest that you try to make sure there are tubes somewhere else in your system, not that these players are at all bright, but the tubes really help take them to the next level.