Muse new Thalia better than Muse 9 sig?

I have a muse 9 sign (gen 3) and I m very pleased with it.
Im considering upgrading to the new Thalia but I dont know if the redbook CD sound is any better on the Thalia than the ) sig, Anyone who has compared. Have no dealer in my area so I have to buy blind, so I cant compare myself.
Hello, I think your best bet would be to contact Brian or Allan at HelloSimplyMusic here on Audiogon and ask one of them about the noted differences between the two models. I recently purchased a Thalia Nine and it is currently breaking-in; although the sound so far is excellent, I could not tell you personally about the sonic differences between the two players. You might want to contact Kevin at Muse about his opinion on the differences as well.

Good luck,

If you get the answer please let me know! I have 9 sig and I am thinking about the same upgrade. Hello hi fi has a good deal waiting for me, but I just don't have enought info. Not much on anyones website...
I asked Kevin the same q but got no definitive answer.Hellomusic says only that the Thalia i s "better"-
But I have a suspicien that the Thalia is a change of technic which not nesessary brings better sound.