thalia pre amp

i wrote in about a new amp and old amp comparisson,and how little the diffrences were,now ive changed preamps from a ps audio 4.5 to a gas thalia,one retailed for 650 the other 250 -.the differences are drastic!the ps audio had no bass compared to the thalia,the thalia also seems to have lots of detail and is easy to get into real quick,the ps audio was uninvolving.however the thalia has its short comings too.the vocals sound almost muffled,i cant think of another way to put it,but the sound stage it throws is far superior to the p.s audio.i find this strange since the thalia is a 1978 model and the p.s audio around 1994-96.the thalia is also a thalia 2,i forgot to mention.wich i believe was not a james bongiorno original.i can only imagine that if it was,it would be it stands though,the contruction is simple and the transformer looks cheesy as hell!but it is quiet,super quiet!so my conclusion is that pre amps have a bigger impact on overall sound,than do amps!just thought i'd share my feelings,thanks.dave
The preamp is the heart of a system, man!

According to designer Steve Deckert (Zen amps/preamp), most preamps sound BAD. I agree. It's hard to find a well built, neutral preamp.

Check these sites if you want decent, affordable, awesome preamps:


My first choice, however, is not cheap:


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