Mus. Fidelity A3.2 or Krell KAV 4000xi integra-amp

I currently have the NAD C370 integrated amp and I'm looking at upgrading to one of the integrated amps mentioned above.
This is my current set up:
-speakers- Castle Acoustics harlech s2
-CD player- Rotel RCS 1070
-Speaker wires- Monster M2.4 biwire
-Interconnect- Monster M1000i
Please help!
You might also consider the older Musical Fidelity A300 integrated which you can pick up used on Agon for considerably less that the A3.2. Same power and from some review I recall reading, more musical. Of couse, I have one so I may be suffering from selective recall.
Likwise, the Musical Fidelity A308 can be had for the same used price as the Krell. I would take that over the A3.2 anyday. I know Kevin at Upscale Audio has had one advertised here without much luck of selling it.
I'm using the Krell KAV-400xi with the SACD Standard driving a pair of Nautilus 804s with excellent results! This Amp. is very powerful putting out 400wpc into 4ohms, it has a rich, detailed sound that can't be beat or matched anywhere near its retail price of $2,500- The performance of this Krell Integrated is right up there with the very best Integrated Amps from JRDG, YBA & Plinius, plus it looks great too!