Multichannel tube amp recommendation please

Im helping a friend upgrade his H.T. system.
I 'think' he has caught tube fever and is interested in looking at 5-6 channel tube amps.
The only one I have found in a search is the Butler line.
I know there must be more out there.
Budget $3000 retail (maybe a tad more)

He has Merlin MM monitors,MM center and B&W AW-3000 powered sub.
Modded Denon 3910,Sony Receiver,big Sony H.D.'TV'
Hi Dave, Never heard of Butler. Looked at their web site. Sure is a lot of power for the money for tubes. The only thought I have is perhaps mono blocks. Could be expensive to maintain 5 channles of tubes, especialy if pushed in typical HT fashion.
Hey .... did you get your 3.5's yet??
Take a look at the hybrids. Blue Circle is a good place to look. Might move outside the budget. Is there a reason to go tubes on the rear??
I might consider 3 channels of tubes across the front, but not the rears. Absolute tonality is often different behind head/ears/sides anyway. And there's usually not as much consistent info anyway. The front mains are the most important part of the soundstage anyway. I'd just use a stereo tube amp for L/R and maybe a mono or bridged for center. That's me. However, would be nice if some company would make at least a 3 channel tube amp of quality. I've some horn speakers I'd like to go "tube'n" with for HT personally.
Butler has a 3 channel tube amp...anyone have any experience with this in HT setup?