Moving ic cables around in system?

I have two different types of interconnect cables in my system. Can moving the set before the amp to after the amp change the sound. Logic would tell me no but would like to hear from more experienced people. thanks
My exp says, "Yes"... how much though, will depend upon other variables.

usually the diffs are subtle, and tend to be about the presentation's scope, rather than tonal changes.
Your logic is impeccable.No amount of experience from someone in LA or Omaha will tell a person from Miami what they will hear even if their twins,YMMV,Bob
I'd sure like to know how u use i/c's AFTER the amp.
Call me curiouser
Sorry what i mean was the ic between my reciever pre out to the amp. swap it with the ic from my cdp to the reciever.
I found that cable sound changes if you move them even slightly while still plugged in. They return to their original sound in a couple of minutes. Leave them alone..
All kidding aside... it ought to be a simple enough item to find out for yourself, huh?

Both of my recievers aren't the greatest items for discerning cable intricacies 100%... RWV.
First, to disclose that I manufacture and market audio cables.

Each interface, cdp to receiver, receiver to amp, presents a different signal transmission problem for a cable to solve. So it is possible for an IC to work well between cdp and preamp and not so well between preamp and amp.

For example the preamp might have a lower output impedence than the cdp (often the case). An IC with highish characteristic impedence will likely pick up more noise when used after the preamp than after the cdp. An IC with lowish characteristic impedence may work ell after the preamp but have phase anomolies if used after the cdp.

Some people will tell you that for short interconnects the issues I have raised will not be audible. With respect, I disagree with that view. Almost every difference in the design of a cable seems to be audible when it comes to transmission between audio components. Some of it fits the theory (such as transmission line theory) and our disagreements are about whether the issues will be audible, and that comes down to your own ears and judgement.

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The more the merrier! Great to have the expert input.

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Apparent changes to the sound after moving cables around may just as likely be simply due to the improved connection made at each end by the physical action of unplugging and re-inserting a cable. This can 'clean' and improve the contact between plug and socket.

PS. I'd be replacing any cables that altered the sound just by wiggling them.
Hi Twoleftears - nice moniker - what a good idea, I just might do that.