Moving Coil recomendations for ARC SP11

The tonearm/turntable is Denon DP-60L and the interconnects to the table are fixed. Arc VT100 amp, sp11m2 pre. The speakers are monitor audio rs6 silver speakers.

I understand that there are variables but my concern is over matching the phonostage gain with the cartridge output. The denon may be replaced next year but the current cartridge right now just wont do. pls keep price under $500
If my memory serves, the MC section of SP11 has very high gain, over 70db I believe, enough to match with any MC cart.

For under $500, I highly recommend the Denon DL-103R. A good place to buy is You should be able to find one for less than $300.
thanks Sidssp,

your the 2nd to recommend that cartridge
You should be able to switch the gain to let you use higher output MCs like the Dynevector 20X which I like. It may be tough to get one for less than $500.