Movies employing music in a great way.

I find certain directors are more aware of great music, and of how to integrate it into their films, than are others. Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese, The Coen Brothers, and David Lynch come to mind. But maybe my favorite use of music is in the movie The Last Picture Show; lots of Hank Williams on the radio in the old pickup truck driven in the movie, perfectly reflecting the grim, dying small-town and sepia-hued Texas landscape.
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Aquaman - In that it tries to cover up for the super bad cinematography.

Alfred Hitchcock knew the value of a great soundtrack,Vertigo is a good example. Benard Herrman did some great music for Hitchcock's films.
Basquiat soundtrack is my favorite of assembled songs with American Graffiti coming in as a close second.
Leaving Las Vegas has a great soundtrack that really goes with the movie.
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Films by Ken Russell.