Mounting hole on GL 75 too far right for Linn LV X

Now that I took out the old Lenco tonaearm, I'm trying to put
an LV X in.

(A) I heard that it would drop straight in? Well on my L75
, the hole is not exactly round, the top part at 12:00 o clock goes slightly straight so its slightly not round. Should I file this out to make round?

And( B) most of all, I dont know whats going on here but, the protractor template shows that the LV X should be about a cm left closer in. Does this mean I have to make a small mounting plate? I got the LV X cuz I thought it would drop right in and be 100% compatible with the existing mounting hole?!?

I would greatly appreciate any help on this!

Thank You

Yes,you can file the hole to the appropriate dimensions.Make it round if you wish but I would get it that extra centimetre closer.I made a small wood piece with a hole to support the arm from underneath with a Rega arm,experiment here.But if you can fit the arm into the hole,it's maybe not even necessary to do any more.Jean says this is O.K.The extra centimetre or so doesn't really make that much difference to the alignment.

Thanks Stefanl ..
You answered my exact questions and I can get to work on it

Kind regards..