Most satisfying system change in 2017?

What was your most satisfying addition or subtraction for your audio system this year?  Looking for changes in gear, set-up, or listening environment.  What floated your audio boat in 2017?
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ROON with Tidal lossless streaming and an extensive 3TB library of hard drive personal lossless music.

This extremely sophisticated and elegant user interface has transformed my listening experience. More listening with more connections to other artists. Everything controlled via my iPad to a headless Mac Mini Roon Server. More listening less fiddling. I discovered stuff I had I didn’t know I had or had forgotten. Absolutely wonderful.


Oh, I also got a Benchmark DAC3 and highly recommend it. Despite having a DAC2 previously, the improvement was surprisingly quite audible. However, ROON is a transformational product while the DAC3 can be regarded as incremental.