Most meaningful record show find of 2012

For me, it's Dylan "Nashville Skyline". I think this isn't very easy to find a clean copy at a decent price. How about $5.00 for a VG+++++ (conservative) quiet playing lp? If you decide you want to play a lp that has analog sound, this is it.

Get out there people, it's fun.
The local record shows are dimly lit, crummy affairs.
All the jokes about record shows apply.
I stopped going as they no longer have anything i want.
I do not go to 'Goodwill" type stores either.
Rummaging through endless piles of junk and maybe finding one Lp worth buying which i already own is not fun.
I am glad the op can be thrilled finding one decent Lp at a show and being happy.

On the other hand, getting a pile of 20% off coupons for any LPs at local music stores made my day. I bought nearly fifty albums, including some MFSL. That was a nice December.
Well, yesterday I found a near mint Blonde on Blonde Mono for 3.00. It sure beats buying the sundazed mono @ 32.00.
I picked off a 1A Village Stompers off the dollar rack in mint cond.Just yesterday stereo Dick Dale Checkered Flag for $25.and Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax 45rpm for a buck at the local shop.The shows moved too far away and I got tired of dealers pushing their same low grade rubbish and not much new stuff.The first table to go to is the guy you never saw before.There is always one piece that slips through even the most knowledgeable dealer that can be picked off at a fraction of it's worth.
WoW the show this past fall was Awesome I found a double record on Verve, Jazz Summit it features 2 records I was looking for.What a Find. It is a Duke Ellington record. I also found a 1973 copy of Billy Cobham Spectrum..Atlantic. Also, Fleetwood Mac LIVE, I cant name all the killer records I was able to buy at city wide garage sales the convention the used record stores....Its really fun going to all those crumy,dimly lit places! Its a tresure hunt.

Matt M
My luck at finding good albums seems to run in streaks.... 2011 was a general bust, but this year I found three literally perfect condition Cadet blues albums at a yard sale.

The best fine though was an audiophile copy (says so right on the cover lol) of Ron Wasserman's Duets album at Jerry's records inventory reduction sale for $1.00. Now one of my favorite albums.... buy it if you find it.
Jim- I have the Wasserman Duets (Audiophile Version).While the music is totally killer,to me the sound is sad.Haven't played it in seven or eight years though maybe I'll give it a test spin.Qdrone not only did you save $29 bucks on the Blonde mono,but it's analog unlike the Sundazed that is from digital mix.I frquently listen to the mono on that LP.It always satisfies.