more mcintosh questions

As I have struggled with my thoughts of changing and have read many reviews of Mcintosh integrated amps and have found that matched with the Apogee speakers that I have have that it doesn't sound like the proper match (ie. bass has been said to be "wooley" & top end extention seems to be a bit lacking). I have been looking at the following Macs: MA6850, MA6500, MA6600 on the used market as a possibile replacement for my Classe CAP 151 to mate to an ARC CD 3 but as I've listened to my rig for the past 3 hrs (with ease) I'm not sure that change would be correct as I get the nightmarish thoughts of the Carver that I had at one time (great lush mids but lousey bass control and some what rolled off highs) and I don't want to be making such a mistake again and my other thoughts have been to go to a Bryston B100SST int but, the combo could be too bright and or analitical. I still can use level headed subjective opinions as to help ('cause the Apogees and the ARC are going anywhere!) as I'd really like to stay integrated but as a last resort I might search again for seperates but I'd like to warm the sound up just a bit more. Thanks again in advance.
get a mac integrated with autoformers. perfect match, rock bottom bass, and incredible disappearing act.
Jaybo is correct. Stop agonizing and get a Mac ...with Autoformers. And please, don't compare it to a Carver!
If you have Apogee speakers, must we understand that imaging is also important to you, apart from your search for a warmer sound.

If so, without stating anything on my part, I've heard from some of my audio buddies and read on Audiogon that McIntosh aren't the best in 3D soundstaging, rather 2D with very lush sound.

You don't specify which Apogee speakers you own, but must we guess they might be of a tough load ? If so, you must also think about ample power to really make them sing.

In brief, several criterias to check. Take your time !
Andr, my Apogees are Slant 6s and I listen at low levels without the need to push (dispite what I listen to). Yesterday's listening included: Absolute Garbage, Meatloaf Bat 2, Pink Floyd Animals. (my system is listed as well if that would help). I don't feel a need to make a mistake and I have to evaluate very carefully, I realize that Mac owners are as passionate about thier equipment as I am about my Apogees hence why I ask but as well I DO HAVE limited funds if I can change so a MA6900, MA7000 would probably be out of my reach (and yes I do love the 3D presentation). Roxy54 no insult intended about the Carver, just the only thing I've owned that I could compare with and even then probably a bad comparison. Still could use more helpful opinions if offered and Thank you Jabo, Johns02, Roxy54 and Andr for your views.
Try the new Mac 7000. One of the best and it has a wide range of pre-amp control features that will allow you to tailor your frequency ranges around the particulars of your speakers. Along with Luxman out of Japan, I think both are the class leaders for integrated amps at the moment.

I am building out a new system at the moment, so I have done a pretty thorough survey of what is out there at the moment. The McIntosh Lab's new 6700 and 7000 line are really incredible sounding. I also loved the 100 watt integrated amp by Luxman.
I have to laugh every time I read that Mcintosh is 2 dimensional. Recently, I heard Mcintosh tubes and the new Quads in a "Reference" setup. It was one of the most 3 dimensional systems I have ever heard and I have heard enough to know the difference. lmao