Moray James Digital Coax

I've tried this cable over a Harmonic Technology's CyberLink Platinum and a Van Den Hul digital interconnect. My question, how the hell does this cable which looks like $2 (cost $500 CDN) perform so much better?

I really can't explain it. Without using this cable to my Museatex DAC the differences are striking. I can't find any info on Moray James, no website. The cable was sent to me, I could buy it if I liked it. I can't even find anybody locally that carries Moray James cables. Is this cable well regarded in the world of high-end? The Cyberlink cable is about $100 cheaper but the differences in sound are so striking. I can't explain it.

Could somebody fill me in on Moray James?
Moray's contact information is:

The Moray James digital cable is the best I've found for use with the Museatex gear - particularly the BiDat. In that application, the MJ provides for an outstanding organic texture, with depth and dimensionality unmatched by other cables (and I tried everything).

John Wright (of Museatex) actually voices the BiDat mods with Moray's cables - and Moray voices his cables with the Museatex gear (I believe), so that's part of the synergy you hear.

Now... One thing to consider, Moray does change his designs every now and then and I've had some not-so-great-sounding cables from him in the past. Be sure he offers you a trial period or money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the cable.
thx Bwhite. I was just sent the cable and told to try it. Along with a Harmonic Technolgies digital cable. The differences are so striking. The HT cable sounds oh so very muted. There is no model number MJ cable. Frankly it looks like a piece of crap, but it sounds oh so good.
You're correct, it does look like a piece of crap but for some reason the cable sounds fantastic.

And please, be careful with it in your auditions...

They break!

I don't think he has a model number for the digital cables. The packaging I have just says, RCA Digital Interconnect.

I am currently in the market for a digital cable for my upgraded Melior. Would you mind sharing other digital cables you used to compare with MJ? John Wright recommended the MJ to me, too. So far my favorite is PAD Dominus, have not listened to MJ. Thanks,
I compared it to a Van Den Hul (don't know the model) and a Harmonic Technology Cyberlink Platinum. It wasn't even close, I don't understand why or how it made that much of an impact but it did.

The only word I can use to describe is "dynamics". I have contacted both John and Moray. John uses all of Morays stuff when he builds the Museatex's like Bwhite mentioned. Moray has a newer digital cable out that might be cheaper, you can email him. Moray also has a new website he's working on.
This is an old forum, but I stumbled on it decided to try a brand new model of the Moray James digital coax. I compared it to the Kimber Illuminati and the latest iteration of the Harmonic Techonolgies Platinum XLR digital cable. The associated equipment was a CEC transport and John Wright modified Bidat.

My first reaction was, WOW! The level of detail and musicality were amazing. I was hearing musical elements for the first time in recordings I'd been listening to for nearly 20 years. Anybody who says digital cables are all created equal should come and listen to my system as I swap these cables. If you hear a difference between speakers, you'll hear a difference between cables. Taste certainly varies, but for me, the Moray James reproduced everything more realistically and more musically. It provides all of the high definition I like without adding glare and harshness. One warning though: you must break in this cable for about 20 hours. More subtle changes can be noticed for another 30 or so. This is the best digital cable I've heard in my system.
vhiner-how much does this cable run and is there a model name or number....i run a wright modded bitstream
The cable costs $375 plus shipping as of 04/2017.