Moray James Digital Cable

I am planning on buying a Moray James Digital Cable and have not seen much info on Audiogon.I would like feedback from people that have heard or have the cable in their system.Thanks
I have one that I use between my John Wright modified Museatex Bitsream and Museatex CD-D transport. I tried a lot of other digital and toslink cables, but the MJ came out on top every time.
I have used a variety of Moray James digital cables in my sytem (Thiel CS3.7 speakers, conrad-johnon CT5 preamp, Meitner Bidat, CEC belt-drive transport, Shunyata cabling and power conditioning) and they all trounced digital cables by Kimber and Harmonic Tech. MJ's latest digital (2010) retains amazing detail and micro dynamics while lending an "analogue" quality to the sound that I've never heard in a digital cable of this pedigree.