James Blake tracking problem.

Anyone else out there having problems tracking on Tep And The Logic Teaching? My zyx is jumping all over the place.
Is it happening all the time or just where it rides the warps?
I could easily be wrong but recommend breaking out the HFN/RR test disc and check the H & V resonance tests.

I've known normally stable carts to react badly to "pinchwarps" on some discs. Most unsettling when it happens.
Everything I've heard of his has stoooopid loud bass, and perhaps your vinyl simply was cut appropriately. That's a big tradeoff in vinyl cutting: how to handle the low end.
Maybe it's just your turntable refusing to play such crap.

Just sayin....

Smart TT if you ask me.

I also had a ZYX that had trouble tracking on some James Blake tracks. Since then I have realigned the cart and once everything was dialed in better, I am no longer having trouble tracking on these bass heavy tracks.
Shakey beat me to the punch!! :)
Thanks all for your suggestions/comments. I will recheck my cartridge alignment just to make sure but the little I've played of the album, I think Shakey's right so I won't be stressing this one.