Moon Jazz

I know that this CD has been mentioned in passing when discussing Tony Minasian's first CD, Hang Around, but I feel it needs it's own thread, since it's more of a musical endeavor in addition to it's sonic achievements. 

The only holdover of artists from the first CD to this is Brad Dutz, the percussionist. The other two members are John Fumo on horns and Randy Landas on bass. These guys are at the top of their game.

Influences seem to be from around the world, be it Spain, Persia, the Mediterranean, to the good 'ol USA. One track can make you think you're lounging in some warm, evening, open air cafe to that of a smoke filled room working on that second pour as you ponder your (mis)fortunes. 

I feel it's even better than the first outing of the Tonian Trio as it pulls you in musically with the superb sonics icing on the cake. It's the musical themes that are the hook. I wish more artists would take advantage of what Tony can do so audiophiles like us can sit back and simply enjoy the music and for once, not worry about our systems. That is the point after all, isn't it?

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nonoiseThank You for sharing- I will check out this disc.
Happy Listening!
Everything will be moon-related this year for obvious reasons.
Hello nonoise - 
Where did you buy your copy?  I don't see it on Amazon.  Is this a specialty/audiophile recording with limited distribution?

Thanks in advance.
HI Ghosthouse,

Just contact Tony directly here:
Tony will walk you through it.

All the best,
Thanks much, nonoise.
Is it correct that this time it's a jewel case and not a digipak?
It has nothing to do with the music and the sound, but does anybody else also think that the artwork is ugly as hell? The grey color... urgh!
Nonoise .....many thanks having just got the first 2 cds from elusive disc, thanks to you i've discovered this new Jazz disc ...which must of been released while i waited to receive the other 2 only issue is the rediculous import duty plus then VAT then handling charge imposed here in the UK ....making importing it cost twice the purchase price :( ....
No issues with Tonian at all only at the cost of getting it into the UK 
Sorry to hear about the VAT but I'm glad you're enjoying the CDs. I hope that someday Tony gets a major artist to use him as their recording engineer and just trust in his advice on how to do the recording. 

All the best,

Well i bought the Jazz cd and it arrived today ...with VAT & import charges this 1 cd ended up costing me the equivalent of $59 ....basic cd cost is $25 the rest is well what it is ...and i knew what it would cost no complaints as such but Tony's sound is like a drug ...soooo much sound and separation and full tonality close your eyes and the trio are here in my lounge right now

1st play and this thing is superb and much more musical than the others you say it would be fantastic to have a mojor artist use Tony as their recording engineer and then i think many others would too, after all many artists do actually care how their music sounds ..

I'm happy that you really like the sound quality of the CD but really shocked at what it cost. I hope the pain wears off quickly as you enjoy it.

All the best,