Montana KAS-2 vs KAS

has anyone heard the Montana KAS-2 speakers?
whats are the differences between the KAS-2 and the KAS?

The KAS was introduced in 1998 and about 80 or so pairs have been made since then it featured an all passive crossover design with 24dB/octave L/R crossover slopes, the drivers were all ScanSpeak custom but the 12" woofers which were made by McCauley - even though the design is over 10 years old it'll still hang with the best out there its a truly powerful and VERY dynamic speaker with the ability to image like a mini monitor.

The KAS2 was introduced last year it features all Seas custom drivers, but the 12" woofers which are made by Peerless the "center" section of the KAS2 is passive with 24dB/octave crossover slopes. The woofers are actively driven by a 1KW built in amplifier with an electronic crossover handing over seamlessly to the 9" midwoofers.
The KAS2 is equally dynamic and does the disappearing act better than almost any - Go to the PBN Audio website for more information.