Monolithic PS-1 Sans HC-1B, am I missing a lot?

Hello gurus,

I have a Monolithic Sound PS-1 without the upgraded HC-1B power supply. I really like the sound, but since I have no point of reference, am I missing the full potential of PS-1 without the power supply? Can anyone with HC-1 comment?

I can't seem to find the power supply for sale; ever.

I'm using it with Denon DL 160 with a gain setting of 44dB.

What I really like about the PS-1 is the flexibility and also the Subsonics defeat switch, which makes me feel safe from rumble.

My speakers are Hales Rev-3 so I really cannot see woofer pumping. Having the subsonics switch makes me feel better.

Any comments, advise on a different phono?

Your comments are always appreciated.

Thank you!!
The difference in the Monolithic with the external power supply is like night and day on different planets in different parts of the galaxy. Despite having been rated as a
'B' by reviewers just a few years ago, performance has left it behind, and no one sells them anymore. Try the cheaper Moon, it won't cost you much more than the power supply, and will perform much better.
Thank You Treysdad85. I did look at the Sim Audio Moon LP3 ( presume that's the one you meant). You think the Sim Audio Moon will beat the PS-1+HC-1 combo?

Best Regards