Monolithic PS1 HC1

Just getting back into analog,will the Monolithic PS1-HC1 work with the Rega or the Music Hall? Any suggestions. Thanks again for all the help.
Why not? It depends on the cartridge. I wouldn't really try to use anything with output below 0.9 mV, but that's my own personal cutoff point.

I have a PS-1 with a modded 1200 and Ortofon X5. An internet buddy of mine has a Rega 25 w/Ortofon X5 and PS1/HC1 and is a happy camper, too.

I don't see why it wouldn't. I am getting one myself (a Monolithic PS-1 + HC-1). I was going to get me a Rega P25 to use with it myself, and then I decided get me a Thorens and wait awhile. I will still get me a Rega eventually, but right now, when my Monolithic arrives, I am going to be using mine with a Thorens TD-147 for about two years in order to buy me a little time. After that, I am going to finally get the Rega then. But enough about me. I don't think you're going to have any problems. Just play with it for a while in order to get it optimised for your cartridge. After that, just sit back and enjoy.

Regards to you.