mono or stereo? (classe or ?)

I have a classe ca-100 ($1500 new) and was wondering if it would be better to buy another one and use them as mono blocks or would my money be better spent on a 2 times more expensive stereo amp (doesn't have to be classe)? My other gear is wadia, thiel, MIT, and a passive preamp. I seriously want to know so any knowlege is appreciated.

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Yeah but are you talking about using the krell as mono blocks or just the one stereo amp that is twice as much? (I could probably just look in the classifieds to figure it out if the krell is in there but in case there isn't one in there could you let me know).
Sorry. I should have probably made my post more detailed. I could buy another classe ca-100 for $750 and use them as monos or would it be better to sell the one I have and buy one stereo amp for about $1500 used? What would give me the best sound? I would love to here the gear you guys mentioned but it's just to much. any other recommendations?