mono or stereo? (classe or ?)

I have a classe ca-100 ($1500 new) and was wondering if it would be better to buy another one and use them as mono blocks or would my money be better spent on a 2 times more expensive stereo amp (doesn't have to be classe)? My other gear is wadia, thiel, MIT, and a passive preamp. I seriously want to know so any knowlege is appreciated.
Monoblocks do have advantages. If you are in love with the sound of the Classe, I say go for it. If you aren't, try the Krell KAV-250a. There are several rave reviews, the most recent in "The Perfect Vision" (they used music to judge this amp).
Yeah but are you talking about using the krell as mono blocks or just the one stereo amp that is twice as much? (I could probably just look in the classifieds to figure it out if the krell is in there but in case there isn't one in there could you let me know).
If you enjoy your classe, then more power to you. How much is double, $3000? I agree that the kav250 would be a good choice, but for a little bit more, you could look for a used fpb200 or vt100mkII. I was in your exact situation before; you can email me if you want to discuss further.
Sorry. I should have probably made my post more detailed. I could buy another classe ca-100 for $750 and use them as monos or would it be better to sell the one I have and buy one stereo amp for about $1500 used? What would give me the best sound? I would love to here the gear you guys mentioned but it's just to much. any other recommendations?
I have found, in general and at that price level, that if you use a 200w stereo amp, it will sound more effortless than two 100w bridged stereo amps. I bridged two bryston 3b's compared to one 4b and found the above to be true. It all depends on the sound you are trying to attain. Anyone, please correct me if I am misinformed.
I was referring to the one Krell amp. Like I said, monoblocks do have advantages. I've not heard two of your amps as monoblocks directly compaired with mine, but I did compare mine to Musical Fidelity XA-200 monoblocks, and it easily beat them in every performance aspect. It would only cost you $500 more than $1500. Good luck.
Hi Kacz, Mono amps are generally preferred. My engineering and listening experience over twenty years is that you are generally getting more power supply head-room and better regulation per channel with mono amps. This is huge plus for sound quality. Some stereo amps have mono bridge option. Bridged operation sound quality varies more from amplifier design approach. Most reviews cover this, and so check that out on yours. If your speakers have bi-wire capability then there is another preferable option. You can run a stereo amp behind each speaker. Wire the single stereo amp this way with one speaker output going to the treble and the other going to the bass on the same speaker. This has worked very well for me in the past, others, in my listening circles. Maybe a very good way of adding 2nd classe amp model to your system without having a bridge operation capability. Today, I run Audio Note Ankoru's mono block per speaker. cheers, Gerrym5